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Over the past forty years, the birth of the enterprise technology has spawned a $620B industry. At the same time, brands meant to benefit from this growing ecosystem have been unable to keep pace with the rapid evolution. Most still struggle to answer what should be basic industry questions: What companies solve my specific problem? Which solution providers is my competition using? Is this technology compatible with my company's existing systems? Who are the best references for me to check how well the software works?

For the first time ever, those questions are now answerable. Reachify has built the premiere decision-making engine that can provide the necessary intelligence to empower enterprise brands to learn, understand and engage with technology providers in a clear, thoughtful and user-friendly way.

The Right Team
Our executive team understands the industry challenges.
Cindy Lincks
Cindy Lincks
CEO and Founder
Prior to founding Reachify, she worked on the software side as part of Coremetrics, now an IBM company, on the agency side at Ogilvy and Mather and was VP of eCommerce at Brooks Brothers.
Callie Davis
Callie Davis
VP of Product and Operations
Started off her career in Social Media and Mobile Commerce at New York & Company, was promoted to run eCommerce analytics which lead her to working with Cindy at Brooks Brothers, and then Manager of CRM & Digital Analytics at Cole Haan.
Letter From the Founder

The technology landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Fifteen years ago, most enterprise brands didn't have an AB testing solution; today, it's an often critical partnership used by 56% of enterprise brands*. The explosion of mobile and need to create experiences across different device types, the emergence of social media, the growth of ad tech and the success of eCommerce have helped build the $620B technology industry we have today.

Brands increasingly rely on technology to maintain a competitive edge in an environment that is growing more complex by the day. Thus, brands are demanding to know which solutions are being used by competitors, which innovative providers are emerging, which questions to ask when evaluating vendors and much more. The intelligence used to make informed decisions on enterprise technology hasn't kept pace. I founded Reachify to fill the void and pursue answers to questions asked of brand decision makers for today's challenging environment.

Working for you,
Cindy Lincks Signature

Cindy Lincks
CEO and Founder

Reachify Advisors
Bob stevens
Bob Stevens
Growth Insight Inc., Strategy and M&A Executive
Elaine mulpuru
Elaine Rubin
Digital Prophets Network, Founder & President
John squire
John Squire
DynamicAction, CEO and co-Founder
Jordy leiser
Jordy Leiser
StellaService, Co-Founder and CEO
Mike spaeth
Mike Spaeth
Tealium, Executive Director - LATAM - Strategic Global Accounts
Scott samios
Scott Samios
UNiDAYS, General Manager, North America
Vicki cantrell
Vicki Cantrell
Former SVP Communities, NRF and Executive Director Shop.org
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* Reachify Market Intelligence December 2016