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Think Tank: Lessons for Software Vendors — From the Cereal Aisle

While watching television commercials, we’ve all heard the familiar words, “find us in the cereal aisle.” This simple directive makes it so easy for shoppers to find exactly what they are looking for amongst the thousands of products lining grocery store shelves. Advertisers extoll the virtues of the products and tell us exactly where to find them. At the same time, grocers do an excellent job organizing products in a manner that makes shopping a pleasure.

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Reachify raises seed funding to help retailers buy enterprise software

Cindy Lincks, the CEO and founder of Reachify, has a plan to help retailers navigate the $620 billion enterprise software market. Her newly-launched software buying platform is harnessing the power of crowds to help retailers connect with the right enterprise software providers.  Lincks said her experience as a former vice president of e-commerce at Brooks

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Reachify Connecting Retailers and Software Companies

The Beanstalk-backed start-up is using the power of a user-generated community to make it easier for retailers to buy software. Add buying business software to the list of things that could be reinvented through the connecting virtues of online communities. Looking to make the connection is Reachify, which acts something like a LinkedIn for fashion executives looking to navigate the $620 billion enterprise software market and is being used by brands such as J. Crew and Vineyard Vines.

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Reachify links J. Crew and other retailers with right technology

Reachify, a New York-based startup that aims to help retail executives navigate the complex $620 billion enterprise technology marketplace, launches out of beta today, led by a former executive who feels their pain. That founder and the company CEO is Cindy Lincks, who boasts an unusual trifecta of experience in retail, technology, and marketing agency work. She was the former vice president of e-commerce at retailer Brooks Brothers, and also worked on the enterprise vendor side at IBM and on the agency side at Ogilvy and Mather.

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Reachify Launches New Intelligence Technology Platform Helping Retailers Select the Right Enterprise Software Companies

Reachify today announced the launch of a new, innovative technology platform that provides the necessary intelligence to help retailers make sense of the overcrowded, complex $620 billion enterprise technology marketplace where neither buyers, nor sellers are able to easily find each other. Leading retailers and brands including J. Crew, Serena & Lily and vineyard vines are already using the new website to evaluate technology providers. The company is backed by Beanstalk Ventures, the retail technology venture capital fund launched by Ken Seiff, founder of Bluefly, co-founder of Poppin and former EVP of Brooks Brothers.

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