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Prospect Builder

The first prospect query tool for sales and marketing, combining prospect data with Reachify’s proprietary network data.


  • Instant access to your Total Addressable Enterprise Market (TAM)
  • Identify and filter prospects by vertical, location, vendor, platform and more
  • Real-time querying against TAM from software stack to prospect value
  • Reachify's Proprietary Prospect Scoring to identify high value prospects


  • Build, expand and prioritize your pipeline
  • Easily identify high value prospects
  • Simplified look-a-like modeling
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The ultimate meeting prep tool, helping sales teams prepare for the perfect pitch.


  • Accurate Prospect Value (high, medium, low) calculations
  • Real-time buyer insights to help customize your pitch
  • Easy and quick access to contextual, actionable insights on your buyer


  • Identify advantages and challenges prior to a pitch
  • Save time prepping for meetings
  • Accelerate customer close time window
  • Incorporate competitive selling strategies
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