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Allegro Business Intelligence is a business intelligence and web analytics consultancy that will be featuring three technologies at this year’s show. 1) Celebrus,  which is a real time,  big data collection platform that collects, contextualizes and delivers data about how individuals are behaving across a brand’s digital channels including websites, mobile apps, social and streaming media. The tagging-free software streams this online behavioral data in real-time into the client’s chosen target database,  analytical software and/or real time decisioning engines or else it has it’s own rule based personalization capability for 1:1 online marketing. • Fast – real-time (milliseconds) or <60 second data feeds • Detailed – individual-level data • Multi-channel – website, mobile &  social data • Complete – all data captured • Easy – tagging-free deployment across all channels • Flexible – on-premise or SaaS  options 2) Qlik: We offer the complete Qlik family of products as well as additional value products that extend Qlik’s capabilities for enterprise reporting and planning and forecasting. 3) Alteryx: A leading data blending, data preparation and advanced analytics software for geospatial and predictive analytics.