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We’re All About Maximizing Mobile ROI Your apps face an uphill battle against more than 1.5 million mobile applications in Google Play and the App Store. Getting more installs requires the richest possible understanding of “what works” in your app’s acquisition campaigns. And installs are only step one of the mobile app conversion journey. You need to drive sustained revenue and profit from your mobile apps. Optimize Every Aspect of Your Marketing Take control of your data. Apsalar offers an end-to-end Mobile ROI Platform. We measure the effectiveness of your mobile app media vendors, from social networks like Facebook to more than 600 ad networks worldwide. We collect insights about the actions your mobile app users take so you understand every stage of the conversion journey. Use Apsalar to optimize ad spend to the right partners, programs and campaigns. Then, leverage the Apsalar Mobile ROI platform to define high-performing audience segments. Use them to empower your media partners to field precision retargeting ad campaigns. Share insights and audiences with your marketing platforms to deliver personalized push notifications, emails and more. You can even enhance your analytics and modeling with rich Apsalar in-app behavior data. Add up all these benefits and it’s easy to see why Apsalar is the best tool to ensure you nail your KPIs.