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EnterWorks is a market leader in master data solutions for acquiring, managing and transforming a company’s product information into persuasive and personalized content for marketing, sales, digital commerce and new market opportunities. The EnterWorks multi-domain (product domain and others such as customer, brand, location, and digital asset) approach is a core competitive strategy that enables a single view of content for delivering differentiated, digitized experiences in context of the customer. EnterWorks’ leading Business-to-Business-to-Customer (B2B2C) collaboration platform extends the PIM from its vendor portal to syndication engine, leveraging the advanced workflow/BPM engine for advanced omnichannel commerce. To learn more, please visit EnterWorks.com.

46040 Center Oak Plaza Suite 115 Sterling, VA US
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Chartwell Capital, General Electric Pension Trust, Jefferies & Co., J & W Seligman, Tudor Investments