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Fanplayr personalizes a visitor's coupon experience and enables eCommerce marketers to give the right offer to the right visitor at the right time. Fanplayr's Smart and Targeted Conversions application helps online retailers extract more conversions from their exisiting site traffic and stimulates shoppers to add more to their cart. By analyzing the Digital Body Language of online shoppers as they navigate an eCommerce site, Fanplayr allows retailers to know who their visitors are, why they're on a site, and what it's going to take to convert them. Fanplayr tracks and analyzes over 50 different attributes of each visitor including purchase intent, historical buying patters, behavior on site, source and demographic information. The segmentation engine then delivers dynamically dynamically targeted, real-time offers to specific segments of visitor traffic. With headquarters in Palo Alto, California Fanplayr has offices in Milan, Tokyo, Mumbai, Tel Aviv and Marseille.

525 Lytton Ave Palo Alto, CA US
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