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INTURN is the first B2B online platform built to enable brands and retailers to confidentially buy and sell excess inventory on a global scale. It is a win-win solution for both brands and retailers to replace the existing time-consuming and error-prone liquidity process driving the off-price industry. It delivers better economics to both parties by reducing manual work processes, expanding accessible product information, and integrating sophisticated analytics into the retailer-brand negotiation processes. The result is a solution that provides a powerful opportunity to increase profitability and manage inventory. INTURN is designed and led by retail industry veterans and technology experts and is located in New York City.

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Series A
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Align Ventures, BAM Ventures, Beanstalk Ventures, Bobby Lent, Fabrice Grinda, Forerunner Ventures, Jose Marin, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Novel TMT Ventures, T5 Capital