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Small Box Energy provides food safety and energy management solutions to help family dining, QSRs and convenience stores increase profitability by reducing overall energy consumption and cultivating operational efficiencies. We truly understand the unique needs of these businesses and deliver a solution that is non-intrusive, easy to use, and effective at reducing overall energy consumption to improve cash flow immediately. Used by the largest restaurant brands in the world, our chameleon™ platform is a hardware and cloud-based software solution that monitors, controls, and manages critical systems such as HVAC, lighting, and refrigeration. As we analyze each store, our equipment is adjusted to the unique operations of the business, allowing us to reduce unnecessary runtimes and maintenance costs and providing the necessary visibility to enable early equipment diagnostics. Small Box Energy also provides food safety through temperature monitoring. This is achieved through both stationary thermostats and wireless food probes. Using FDA standard procedures and operational practices, temperatures are automatically reported to the cloud and Food Safety Reports can be generated. Real-time alerts for refrigeration equipment malfunctions and for skipped operational practices are sent via text message and email. All of the data is captured and stored in our secure cloud database, allowing 24/7 access to live and historical data for analysis and download. Small Box Energy gives our customers peace of mind by reducing costly incidents and labor intensive tasks while providing automated, real-time, and historical data for owners, managers, and inspectors - all paid for by savings generated through the energy management solution. Our solution is a subscription-based program with no upfront capital expenditures, allowing owners to balance comfort with savings. Simply stated, Small Box Energy increases profitability and makes you cash flow positive from month one.