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Vizury is a growth marketing technology company that drives user retention and incremental conversions for e-commerce, finance and travel brands. Vizury helps brands engage users and improve real metrics by leveraging Big Data insights, predictive analytics and machine learning. Vizury supports brands such as Citibank, eBay, Wal-Mart, Sony, Prudential, Jet Airways and Etihad Airways, in more than 40 countries as they engage customers across different channels. Vizury Engage Commerce, the Growth Marketing Platform leverages machine learning capabilities to generate user level predictions and 1:1 messaging. An atomic technology stack that tightly integrates user data with advanced industry expertise helps our platform execute omni-channel marketing strategies. Unique vertical-specific features enable Vizury’s clients to personalize customer engagement across different channels delivering conversions for commerce, leads for banks and yield for travel brands.With over a 100 billion user engagements every month, Vizury works with more than 500 clients to help drive user retention and incremental conversions. Founded in 2008, Vizury has offices in San Francisco; Jakarta, Indonesia; Dubai, U.A.E.; Bangalore; India and Singapore. Vizury has received funding from several leading venture capital firms including Intel Capital and Nokia Growth Partners.

#15, II Floor, Bannerghatta Road J. P. Nagar III Phase Bangalore, IN
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